Indoor air quality in air conditioning systems.

Indoor air quality, in terms of air conditioning, most of the consultations are aimed at obtaining cold or heat to achieve comfortable temperatures. But this situation is only one of the objectives of air conditioning. In fact, if we think that indoor air is the one we breathe most of the day, then its quality becomes a very important detail.

Indoor air quality

So, the true concept of “indoor air quality” refers to the health and comfort properties that can be inferred from an air flow. And to determine the quality status, it is necessary to take samples of the indoor air with special devices and analyze them with qualified personnel. After 30 minutes, an accurate report is obtained on the status of the indoor air quality and the measures to be taken.

The current scenario of distress generated by the coronavirus pandemic has triggered inquiries about the most efficient methods of obtaining clean and healthy air within environments. We agree on the importance of betting on quality equipment and purification devices. Furthermore, we emphasize that this task is carried out by a professional service with certified technicians who guarantee correct operation. Call us now and request a free visit.

While it is true that every HVAC system needs periodic reviews and a maintenance plan carried out by certified professionals to deliver good quality air, it is also true that the market offers technological devices to considerably improve the quality of indoor air.

Devices that improve indoor air quality

Currently, special filters, purifiers, fans, UV lamps, protection sensors, humidifiers and dehumidifiers; They are the most used devices to obtain a correct indoor air quality.

Depending on some special conditions for each installation and the report on the state of indoor air quality, the combination of these devices and a correct maintenance plan fight 99% of bacteria, fungi, germs, allergens, dusts, fumes, gases, odors, and any other substance that affects indoor air quality, either in terms of health or comfort.

Keep in mind that if we neglect the quality of indoor air, we will not only affect our comfort but also our health.

The most recurrent symptoms in the short term may be dizziness, fatigue, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. But in the long term, exposure to polluted air can lead to respiratory, heart, and certain cancers.


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