Simple tips for maintaining an HVAC system.

A correct maintenance plan must be executed by an expert, but there are some simple tasks to carry out that help the HVAC system work properly.

Summer is approaching and the proper functioning of the air conditioning system is a key piece to enjoy family life within the house and also to develop the work activities. Comfort and well-being in the climate promote social gathering and improve productivity in the workplace.

Faced with this situation, and in order not to have surprises in the middle of the heat season, most people execute a “home” maintenance plan to start the HVAC system point, trying to achieve three main objectives:

  • That meets the expectations of comfort and quality in the air.
  • That it works without problems during the hot season.
  • That it does not generate large increases in energy bills.

Without a doubt, applying a periodic maintenance plan in an HVAC system is a very good decision. In addition, these actions will extend the life of the air conditioning equipment and keep energy bills under control.

But it is important to clarify that several of these maintenance tasks must be carried out by an expert. And there are two good reasons to support that:

  • If the person who is going to execute the maintenance plan does not have the necessary knowledge, it is most likely that they will end up ruining the equipment. And in the worst case, forever.
  • If the person who is going to execute the maintenance plan is not licensed and does not represent the official services, it is most likely that their actions will cause the warranty of the air conditioning system to be lost.

However, there are several tasks in a maintenance plan that owners can perform on their own and that enhance the performance of the equipment. That said, the simplest measures which are sometimes not taken into account and which we suggest you apply quickly, are:

  • Check that all the filters in the system are clean. It is definitely a simple task to do and adds a lot to the performance of the HVAC system. Still, we suggest that you always keep in touch with an expert to determine if the time has come to replace the filters.
  • Check that all the grills in the system are free from obstructions. It is quite common to see situations where people bring furniture, appliances or flowerpots trying to hide the grills, but they only manage to decrease the performance. If you notice these situations in your home, we suggest consulting with an expert for advice on relocating grills that are making everyday life difficult.
  • Clean all the vents on your air conditioning system. Lint, dust, hair, and other similar materials often clump together on the vents, but most people only cater specifically for vents that take in fresh air and neglect the vents that take air out. The truth is that both are decisive for the proper functioning of the system and keeping them clean is a simple task that must be used.
  • For equipment with outdoor units installed in the gardens and at floor level, check that grass and plants do not surround the condenser and obstruct the air flow mechanism. Eliminating weeds and keeping the grass short is another weekly task that helps the equipment to function properly.
  • In line with the advice above, we also suggest avoiding the placement of furniture, cabinets, and any other appliances near the condenser and obstructing its air flow. In this way, we make it work at the best performance and as designed by the manufacturer.

Monitor the condensation level and inspect the drain pans and drain lines of the air conditioning system. If you detect freezing in the coils of your unit, there is most likely an obstruction that can sometimes be remedied by simply cleaning the drains. We also recommend inspection by a technician to correctly diagnose the problem.

By taking all these precautions outlined and having the phone number of an NBL expert at hand, you can rest easy and know that summer heat isn’t going to be a problem inside your home.


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