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The function of the thermostat in HVAC systems

The thermostat in HVAC systems is a device that allows to regulate the temperature of an air conditioning system so that it remains stable with respect to a selected temperature value.

There are different types of thermostats in the market and they all fulfill the same function, but electronic and programmable thermostats offer the best performance for central air conditioning equipment. Currently, with the advancement of technology in mobile networks and applications, wireless thermostats are at the peak of demand. “Call us now and bring a free wifi thermostat with the installation of a new A/C unit”

The most common functions found in thermostats are related to temperature settings, schedule programming, regulation by interior areas and different working modes.

Likewise, it is important to say that the new thermostats already include intelligent functions such as stopping people, the calculation of air density, the automatic regulation between day and night according to external data, and the remote proximity control among others, providing more efficiency in the use of energy and causing concrete savings of up to 30% compared to traditional uses.

Intelligence and connectivity in thermostats.

The new intelligent thermostats are able to understand and learn the habits of life of a home and adjust the air flows to condition the environments and reduce energy consumption, achieving a remarkable efficiency of the HVAC system.

These new devices are very easy to install and program, they can manage custom settings for each room in the house and they can also be controlled by smartphones. In addition, connectivity adds the possibility of linking with other smart devices to work together to optimize the climate and air quality inside your home.

One of the great advantages of smart thermostats lies in the possibility of programming the days, temperatures and operating hours of heating or cooling without having to be present. This way, the thermostat allows you to acclimatize the house before you arrive.

In summary, smart thermostats have great advantages over traditional ones because smart technology is present in the air conditioning systems makes daily life easier, smarter and more comfortable. For this reason, it should be a mandatory component in any investment of an air conditioning system.


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